About the Founders of Galax-IA

Guillaume Komaiski and Cédric Stéphany

Friends for over ten years, Guillaume and Cédric share a common passion for literature, philosophy, and technology. Their friendship, enriched by deep debates and explorations of life’s great questions, inspired them to found Galax-IA, a company aimed at redefining technological conventions.

A Love of Letters Guiding Innovation

Strongly influenced by their passion for literature, Guillaume and Cédric developed an interface that reflects this love of words and effective communication. This interface allows users to formulate specific requests, or ‘prompts’, which direct artificial intelligence to generate content precisely tailored to their needs. Inspired by classic works and philosophical thoughts, they designed Galax-IA as a means to broaden human understanding and strengthen social bonds through technology.

Convinced that technology should serve to enrich the human experience, Guillaume and Cédric embarked on a mission to develop a platform that is intuitive, ethical, and human-centered. They are committed to providing solutions that facilitate accessibility and transparency, while respecting human dignity and values.

Their goal is to produce tools that not only overcome cultural and social barriers but also foster better understanding and greater empathy among individuals. Through their technology, they aspire to create bridges between stories and ideas, enabling everyone to share, learn, and grow in an increasingly connected world.